A Revolution in Glitter: Bio Glitter Does the Planet Good

A Revolution in Glitter: Bio Glitter Does the Planet Good

August 10, 2017


Glitter’s everywhere these days. It’s in makeup, in hairspray, on clothes, on greeting cards and more. There are few ways as fun as glitter to add a bit of sparkle and shine. However, it’s not all fun and games. Glitter is actually serious business, particularly when it comes to the environment.


What’s Glitter Made From?


While you might think that normal glitter is made from aluminum or maybe even paper, the truth is that it’s made from plastic. Where does plastic come from? It comes from oil. What is plastic bad for? It’s terrible for the environment, and there’s a lot of evidence that suggests it’s not good for you, either. Who hasn’t heard about the dangers of BPA, or how even food-grade plastic can eventually start to leach toxins over time?

What’s the Problem with Plastic Glitter?


Plastic glitter is just like plastic microbeads. They’re essentially the same thing – tiny pieces of plastic. You’re most likely aware of the uproar over the use of microbeads in face cleaners and other products. Many cosmetics companies have stopped using them because of consumer scrutiny and the realization that they’re incredibly damaging to the environment.

Plastic glitter does the same thing. When it’s thrown away, it ends up in a landfill somewhere. Because the pieces are so small, they are easily carried away and end up in streams, lakes and rivers. Even the glitter in your makeup or hairspray that gets washed down the drain eventually makes it to water. It’s so tiny that it cannot be removed at water treatment facilities, and eventually ends up in the ocean.

Once in the ocean, fish, plankton and other marine life mistake glitter and other micro plastics for food. They eat it, but they can’t digest it. The plastic stays in them, and builds up over their lives as they consume more and more. And, when those animal are eaten by something bigger, the plastic becomes part of their bodies, too.

It’s a horrifying thing, and it’s not getting any better.


Actually, that’s not completely true. We’ve developed a bio glitter made from plant tissues. Cellulose is completely natural and completely biodegradable. You can even compost it and it will just turn back into organic matter. So, if it ends in in rivers, lakes or the ocean, there is no concern about toxicity or about it being consumed by marine life. 

Bio glitter has all the sparkle, shine and fun of plastic glitter, but none of the drawbacks. Plus, because it doesn’t originate as petroleum, it’s not tied to fossil fuels and pollution. Of course, the only place to purchase bio glitter is from the good folks right here at GoodGlitter.com. We invite you to learn more about our biodegradable glitter and our makeup products – we think you’ll love them! CLICK HERE